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It is a must do to remove your entire make up before you go to sleep. If you do not make this a habit,, you will be staining your bed sheet and pillowcases every night. Further more this can cause worsening of skin problems like pimples, acne, dry skin etc for you.

A good make up remover must contain the right amount of water and oil in it as well as Vitamin E and Vitamin B5. Follow these tips while removing makeup:

- You should shake and mix the remover well before applying.
- Gently clean your lips with a cotton pad soaked in with the remover.
- Clean your upper eyelids by rubbing in an outward direction from the top.
- Clean your under eye lids by moving the moist cotton pad in an outward direction from the bottom.
- Use only mild makeup removers.

- Make up remover specifically for your eye should not be used in for any other part of your face.
- Mascara is hard to be removed with normal makeup removers. Baby shampoo can help you in getting rid of mascara. As Baby shampoo contains only mild detergents, it will not cause any irritation on your eyes.
- If used in smaller amounts, baby shampoo can be used to get rid of make up from other parts of your face as well.
- You may apply extra virgin olive (EVO) oil in order to remove waterproof mascara. As EVO is a natural anti-oxidant, it would be really great for your skin.
- Baby oil can be used as a great makeup remover as most cosmetic products like blush, foundation, concealer etc are water-soluble. After removing the entire makeup by using a tissue soaked in baby oil, you can wash your face in water to gain a very refreshing feeling.
- When you start the makeup removal process, always start from your eyes.
- Always choose the right kind of cleanser to suit your skin type.

A short cut
Apply some of your regular mayonnaise on your face and remove it with cotton. This would be a trick to get rid of your make up the cheapest way and fastest.

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