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Elaine Paige

Elaine Paige admires Susan Boyle for being able to handle such "extraordinary" fame.

The 61-year-old singer - who performed a live duet on a TV special with her last month - is amazed at how much the Scottish star has achieved since the world saw her first audition on UK TV talent show 'Britain's Got Talent'.

Musical legend Elaine said: "I am a huge supporter of Susan Boyle and admire what she has achieved; she has handled the extraordinary situation of being catapulted to worldwide stardom with tremendous strength, charm and dignity. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on the TV special we recorded together only last month."

Susan - whose debut album, 'I Dreamed a Dream' was the highest selling LP of 2009 - has always cited Elaine as her idol and main influence on her career.

Speaking at this week's South Bank Awards in London, Elaine compared Susan's rise to fame as like a "virus that spread across the world in a nanosecond".

Elaine insists she never meant to insult the 'Wild Horses' singer, but was trying to empathise with Susan as she found herself in a similar situation when 'Evita' first came out.

She said: "I have always said it's very hard for someone to be fast-tracked to stardom without any prior experience - I know this as it happened to me when 'Evita' opened and I found it extremely difficult in the beginning.

"Today, of course, it's much harder with the phenomenon of the internet - Facebook, YouTube etc - it seems it only takes minutes for fame to spread around the world."

Elaine Paige 'admires' SuBo

Elaine Paige admires Susan Boyle for handling the ''extraordinary'' worldwide fame which has been thrust upon her.


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