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Eva GreenHere are the some of the newest and hottest pictures of Eva Green hairstyles and get new ideas for your hair style that makes you looks like your favorite Celebrity Eva Green .See Eva Green hot pics Photo Gallery and her latest pictures, Hot pics and Wallpapers.Follow the celebrities to see what accessories they are wearing on the red carpet, at fashion shows, on the set and at other appearances.Find the latest news, pictures, and opinions about this Hot celebrity.

Eva Green's Long Layered Wet Hairstyle

Eva Green

Eva Green 's pony tail and round earrings
Eva Green's Hot red lips

Eva Green Hot Cleav@age

Eva Green long Wavy Hair style

Eva Green's Short wavy hairstyle

Eva Green Casino Royale

Nassau, Bahamas :: Here are the very first pictures of the very hot hot hot 25-year-old French actress Eva Green filming Casino Royale as a Bond Girl. Eva Green (Vesper Lynd) and 38-year-old Daniel Craig (James Bond) filmed a steamy makeout scene — a key element in making a successful James Bond movie — the day before yesterday on the beaches of the Bahamas. At one point, Eva Green playfully dunked Daniel Craig in the water as they were filming one of their makeout scenes in the water (pictured after the jump). Many more pictures in the gallery!

Eva Green wore a strapless nuude-colored brassiere and
seawater-colored pants to blend into the ocean as she
filmed an in-the-water experience for Daniel Craig
that he will never forget. Smooches all around!
Daniel Craig Eva Green Casino Royale daniel craig james bond01
Daniel Craig Eva Green Casino Royale daniel craig james bond02
Daniel Craig Eva Green Casino Royale daniel craig james bond03
Daniel Craig Eva Green Casino Royale daniel craig james bond04
Daniel Craig Eva Green Casino Royale daniel craig james bond05

The French actress who is often slated for her eccentric choices said that she does not regret wearing any of the outfits that have brought her criticism, reported Times online.

"I never regret anything I wear, it's simply not worth it. Some people think that the way I dress is over the top and a bit eccentric, but I'm just having fun and dressing up for myself," said the BAFTA winning actress.

Unlike other Hollywood beauties who collect shoes and bags, the 'Casino Royale' actress has a fetish for silk scarves and loves vintage dressing.

"I loved all my costumes in Cracks (her new film). I'm crazy about that everyday Thirties look. I wore beautiful high-waisted trouser suits, head scarves and gorgeous printed silks. I have more scarves than any one else I know," said Green.

The actress loves fashion but dislikes the pressure it puts on people to look thin.

"I don't like the pressure for everyone, including men, these days to be really thin," said Green
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