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Kim Kardashian

TMZ reported that Reggie Bush wanted to keep girlfriend Kim Kardashian safe at the Superbowl, so he ordered a Super-tank to take her to the game. But we’ve heard that this isn’t true at all.

Sure, he wants to protect her ginormous booty, but he’s not going all out like that.

That report must have been leaked by Kim herself, or her mother. According to Kim’s rep, the reports of Reggie hiring a Vault XXL2 Limo by Armor Horse are untrue. Nope, she’ll be there, just like everyone else, probably in a black SUV, with security guards in tow.

I’m sure her stalker is a psycho crazy person, but does she really need bulletproof glass and all of the trimmings? Her butt isn’t that important and it is replaceable. Butt pads anyone?

Kim Kardashian


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