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Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has been involved in a lot of charities lately and it looks like the actress is not about to stop anytime soon! Katz has recorded an album for Sa Ra Ga Ma music company, called "Rhymeskool" and all the profits will go to building a school for children in Madurai. Wednesday night the Bollywood beauty showed up at Mumbai's Intercontinental Hotel to unveil her debut album with A.R. Rahman.

And apparently the B-town beauty has wowed music execs with her singing skills as they are now hoping for the star to record another one, this time with love songs. But for now, fans will have to settle for an album with songs for kids! "It's a fun album for kids, something I always wanted to do, to deepen my connectivity with kids. I had a ball recording the numbers. I haven't laughed so much for a very long time," Katrina told reporters. "The important thing is to make sure your charity efforts are well-utilized. I want to help causes where I can see an immediate result. Like the money from my album going into building a toddlers' school," she added.

And it looks like recording songs for children has had a deep impact on the actress who now wants kids of her own! "I give myself 4-5 more years in the industry. Then I'll get married and have babies," she said. Sounds exciting! And thanks to her newfound singing skills, Katz already has some nice music to hum for her babies. Otherwise she can always put "Rhymeskool" on!

We can't wait to hear Katrina Kaif sing on her album "Rhymeskool," how about you? The album will hit stores later this year; are you excited? Check out our pics from Katrina's and A.R. Rahman's launch event Wednesday night and share your thoughts.

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