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Natalie Thomas

Natalie Thomas, Us' deputy news editor, is hitting the gym with Buff Brides author Sue Fleming (Katie Holmes was a devotee prior to marrying Tom Cruise!) before saying "I Do" to her beau of three years, Zach Friedman, on May 30. Read her final blog:

I'm getting married in three days (eek!), which means a few things:

1. I'm bidding goodbye to my crazy single years.
2. I'm taking three weeks off from work- far more time than I ever have!
3. I have to do the dreaded weigh in...

Yes, that's right. The time has come, my friends, to face the music, step on that scale, get measured and see if all of my hard work (despite too many cheat days to count!) paid off. Drumroll please...

I'm happy to say this little experiment was a success! I've lost some pounds (muscle accounts for more weight than fat), quite a few inches and I'm feeling trim. But, most of all, I'm feeling relief that I accomplished my goal. I'm proud of myself and, while it feels a little funny to boast about my new body, if it helps motivate one person to get moving, it's worth it. If I did it -- Miss Reality TV couch potato -- you can too!

The results:

Starting Weight: 127lbs.
Current Weight: 118lbs.

Starting Bust: 34C
Current Bust: 32B

Starting Waist: 28
Current Waist: 26

Starting Dress: 4
Current Dress: 0/2

And while I plan to take a few much-deserved weeks off as I lounge on my honeymoon and indulge in plenty of guacamole, margaritas and desserts, once I return, I'm getting back in the saddle, er... the gym. Because this is a lifestyle change I would like to keep -- along with my maiden name!

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