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Noel Gallagher

NOEL GALLAGHER spoiled his ballot paper at the polling booth during Thursday's (06May10) U.K. General Election by adding Manchester City soccer star CARLOS TEVEZ's name to the list of candidates.

The apathetic British rocker is so disgusted with the state of politics in his native England he chose not to vote for his local candidates - but he couldn't stay away from the booth.

In an interview with television channel FA TV, he says, "Me and my missus (girlfriend Sara MCDonald) were going on about it (election)... and I said, 'I'm not voting for anyone.'

"I'm just gonna take my voting card and I'm gonna put in massive letters, 'Tevez is God.'"

The former Oasis star has had past ties to the Labour Party and was once invited to meet ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair at his home in Downing Street. Noel Gallagher

At press time, there was no clear winner in the General Election. Initial estimates suggest the Conservatives are ahead of Labour and the Liberal Democrats, but all indications lead to a hung parliament.

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