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Bipasha BasuIt’s the ‘F’ word that drives Bipasha Basu these days. Now, don’t show lack of imagination and think of the obvious. Films, fitness and fashion are the three ‘F’ words that the Bollywood bombshell is talking about.
We always thought Bips had among the hottest bodies in the business. But never has she looked this sexy. Go on, feast your eyes on her. And want to know what it took for the Bengali beauty to get this way? One hour every day and the acceptance of her body.

“Six years a daily paper called me ‘fat’ on their front page,” she pouted, “and that really hurt. I asked John if I was fat. Since he loves me, he wasn’t complaining. But I realised that John, my family and friends were being polite. I was fat.’’

So Bips decided that if she had to make her presence felt in showbiz, she needed to get herself an hour-glass figure. “The paper actually did me a favour by insulting me,’’ she said, “it served as a wake-up call.’’

In a hurry to shed the ungainly weight, Bipasha did a lot of wrong things. She ran for hours on the treadmill, almost getting her knees to collapse. “After that I learned that the first step to getting fit was to get healthy,” the actress acknowledged. And with some professional help, she got an ideal routine of strength training, pilates, yoga and cardio workouts. She got herself a good, enriched diet. “The holistic approach helped. Within months, I dropped the extra weight ... and also found my curves,’’ she smiled.

Now she’s ready to launch a series of fitness DVDs, a fitness and fashion clothing line like Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lopez. Bipasha believes that she must share her fitness mantra with the world. And that’s what she has been doing over the last eight months while the world thought Bips was twiddling her thumbs — secretly working on herself.

“For an hour every day even John can’t reach me,’’ she revealed. “That hour is dedicated to my workout. I don’t say that I have the best body in the business. But yes, I have a fit body.’’ Not to mention a sexy one, eh, John?

Bipasha Basu

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