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Christine Bleakley

She’s been dating Frank Lampard for less than a year but his gruelling football work outs must be rubbing off on Christine Bleakley because she’s starting to look like an athlete herself.

The One Show presenter was snapped walking around London’s Notting Hill yesterday with biceps worthy of fitness fanatic Madonna.

She’s always been an athletic build and showed her strength when she water-skied across the English Channel in March, but has Bleakley taken her fitness regime too far?

Christine Bleakley

Christine Bleakley

Christine Bleakley spotted in London looking very toned

Christine appears to have been sticking to a work out schedule since the epic water-ski and her muscular arms were brought on by her vigorous training sessions in preparation for the challenge, which she took on - and completed - to raise money for Sport Relief.

She said: 'The strain on your arms, legs and lower back is tough. I've been hitting the gym like mad to get my muscles ready.

‘My arms are like tree trunks now. As soon as this is over I’m going to slim them down because they look ridiculous.’

Christine Bleakley

Christine Bleakley shows off her biceps as she picks up a latte and a snack box in Notting Hill, London

But as the 31-year-old picked up a latte and a snack box yesterday in a denim skirt, vest top and heels, her arms still remained bulky and muscular.

Later that day, she changed into a striking black and white dress as she hosted the Bafta Craft Awards at the London Hilton.

Despite denying that she’s a WAG, Bleakley has been spending an increasing amount of time with her Chelsea midfielder beau and the two seem to be smitten with each other.

Yin and yang: Christine Bleakley, who hosted the ceremony,  displayed her gym-honed body in a black and white dress
Yin and yang: Bleakley displayed her gym-honed body in a black and  white dress at the Bafta Craft Awards

Yin and yang: Bleakley displayed her gym-honed body in a black and white dress at the Bafta Craft Awards

She even joined in on Chelsea’s victory celebrations last weekend after they won the FA Cup Final and the Premier League and was spotted leaving Lampard’s house the following morning.

And she made sure to wear her very own Chelsea cap while supporting her boyfriend on the double decker bus during the team’s victory parade.

Christine has previously insisted she doesn’t want to be called a WAG though, saying: ‘I don’t understand the offside rule but I do understand the passion for football.’

Whatever her title though, if her presenting career doesn't work out she could always become a personal trainer with her physique.

Christine Bleakley

Tree trunks: Christine said she developed her muscular arms in training for her Sport Relief Channel water ski challenge

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